High, Low, and Peak Travel Seasons in Belize – How will they affect your Belize Vacation?

When looking online at rates for resorts and vacation package in Belize one is likely to encounter a range of rates that are applicable for different times of the year. In general, the three main price categories break down into either Low Season, High Season, or Peak Season rates that correspond with how much tourism Belize receives during different periods of the year. Some Belize resorts or travel agencies use their own names for these categories, like using the term “green season” instead of “low season” for example, but in general, they all follow roughly the same dates. (It is worth noting however, that low, high, and peak travel seasons vary from country to country and this discussion is purely applicable to Belize tourism.)  

The obvious difference between the seasons is price, but what does visiting Belize during the Low Season versus the High or Peak Season actually mean to the Belize traveler and how will this impact your Belize Vacation? Visiting Belize during each season will offer the visitor a slightly different price and travel experience for their vacation and will also require different approaches to planning the trip. Thus, deciding when you will visit Belize and knowing which season your travel dates fall under is a critical component of planning your Belize vacation. Our three part post on September 23, 24, and 25, 2015 explains the details behind each of Belize’s main travel season so that you can have all the information you need to choose your ideal window for a Belize Vacation and plan accordingly.