When is High Season in Belize and what does that mean?

High Season for tourism in Belize coincides with winter in the northern hemisphere, which is where most of Belize’s visitors live. High season rates typically apply from November or December through May or June depending on the resort. We see the most visitors during these months mainly because this when our northern visitors need a tropical reprieve from the long cold winters and a few days in Belize is just the ticket.

The obvious benefit to coming to Belize during the high season (if you are from the north), is to escape the winter for a while. The weather in Belize from November through March is often a bit milder than at other times of the year with cooler temperatures making it more pleasant to get out and make the most of Belize’s active adventures. March through May are often the driest months of the year so those that are rain-averse will find those to be the best months to travel in Belize. Because there are steady numbers of travellers during the High Season months, there is a good chance that any Belize activity or tour you want to do will be available multiple times a week so you will likely get to do the tours you want (do note though, that as with your accommodations, pre-booking tours in the high season is highly recommended). The main tourism areas are also likely to be lively, vibrant places during the High Season months so if you like action, this is a good time for you to visit Belize.

The main drawback to visiting Belize during the High Season is that it is more expensive than visiting during the Low Season and there are few specials to be had. Many of the most unique resorts become fully booked during this period several months in advance so planning ahead and pre-booking your accommodations is highly recommended. Likewise, specific tours can get sold out so pre-booking any activity you really want to do during your vacation is also a good idea. Travelers that like to make plans last minute and leave their options open might find this style of travel frustrating during the High Season as many of your top choices for accommodations and tours will not be available last minute. Another main drawback to travel in the High Season is having to share some of the attractions with big groups – specifically cruise passengers. The cruise traffic is directed to a few specific attractions and only comes ashore on certain days, but having this information so that you can plan to avoid these area on cruise ship days will make for a more pleasant experience.

OUR BIASED SUMMARY: There really is no reason not to come to Belize during the High Season if this is when coming on a tropical vacation works well for you. Though the rates for accommodation are higher than in the Low Season, this still usually only brings your total trip cost up by 10% at the most. There are more travellers here in the winter months than during the Low Season, but Belize never really feels crowded because on the whole we are not a mainstream tourism destination (just try to avoid the cruise-ship activities). The weather can be milder for parts of the High Season, which is a big perk for those intimidated by heat and humidity (disclaimer: rain and heat are a possibility any time in Belize). Just remember that if you plan to visit Belize during the High Season, we recommend that you book your accommodations and tours ahead of time.