When is Low Season in Belize and what does that mean?

Low season in Belize, as you might have guessed, is when Belize sees the fewest amount of visitors. Low season rates typically apply from June to November at most resorts though some low season rates begin to apply in May and go through mid-December. In general, our low season coincides with when the weather is the most hospitable in the northern latitudes, tempting European, American, and Canadian tourists to travel in their own areas instead of heading south for a tropical vacation.

One of the main benefits of traveling during Low Season in Belize is that this when the hotel rates are the cheapest and you are most likely to get special discounts and deals. Many of the best discounts are available during September and October, when tourism is the slowest, though these deals are usually not available for bookings too far in advance. Traveling during the low season will also reward you with more intimate experiences of all the adventures and attractions as you will be sharing them with fewer travellers than at other times of the year.

However, traveling during the low season does have its drawbacks as well. Fewer visitors mean less action in the tourism areas – you might find that restaurants and bars close early or don’t open at all on slow days. Many resorts close for maintenance during parts of the low season so your first choice for accommodation might not be an option.  It can be hard to schedule activities and tours that require a minimum number of participants so not all tours are available during the Low Season. Some of our rainiest periods also fall during the low season, which can lead to flooding and the disruption of river related adventures, and in the worse-case scenario, it could rain throughout your entire trip. Finally, our summer months can also be quite hot and humid, which is a big minus for northerners sensitive to the heat.

OUR BIASED SUMMARY: Bearing all the drawbacks in mind, we like traveling during Belize’s Low Season months because the resorts feel more intimate, there are fewer crowds at restaurants and bars, the cayes are quiet, the jungle is at its most lush, and the Caribbean is at its warmest for snorkelling and swimming. If you are not daunted by rain and heat then coming to Belize during the Low Season will reward you with better prices and fewer tourists at all the resorts and attractions.